You are looking for an app to copy iPad movies without having to go through iTunes? Would you subscribe to a service to watch movies on iPad but do not know which one to choose? I am pleased to inform you that you are in the right place at the right time. You will find a quick – but hopefully comprehensive – review with the best video player and the best on-demand video services available on iPad.

 With the player, you can transfer your favorite movies from PC to iPad without making the tedious process of synchronization with iTunes. You can also play videos in MKV and AVI format at the highest quality possible without having to first convert to MP4. As for the on-demand video services … well, I do not think there’s much to explain! These are all services that allow you to watch streaming movies from the Internet without having to download them first on your iPad. There are both free of charge or for payment.

In short, whatever your viewer needs, take five minutes of free time and ‘look at all the applications that I am to notify. In one way or another you will find something interesting to watch on your iPad, and you can see it with the utmost of comfort and quality possible. Happy reading and enjoy!

Top 3 app to watch movies on iPad


Infuse is the most comprehensive video player currently available on iOS (and Apple TV). It supports all major video file formats, has extremely careful user interface, allows you to stream and download videos from network devices and automatically download from the Internet all the data related to movies, TV series and cartoons (from posters to the plots). It should also be noted, that it is one of the few players able to properly play videos with AC3 audio.

You can download for free, but to unlock all features and support for different file formats dall’MP4 need to buy its full version, which costs 9.99 euro.


AVPlayerHD  is another great player for iOS. We can consider it as a cheap alternative to Infuse as it offers almost the same as the latter functions, supports videos with AC3 audio and is very simple to use. Unfortunately interface has also taken care not, do not download the covers or textures from the Internet, but worth every penny of its low price.


VLC is the ideal solution for those who want to transfer (and look) of the movie on your iPad without spending money. It supports all major video file formats (except those with AC3 sound), allows you to download videos from network devices and is very simple to use.


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