There are lots of things you can do on your android device for entertainment. One is watching your favorite movies while on the go. Rather than invest in a pricey app, you can download and install free movie apps for android. These allow you to stream or even download your favorite clips. From the many apps to choose from, here are the top three.

Top 3 Free Movie Apps for Android


free movie apps for android

This is a lightweight free android app that’s available at the main website and Google Play. It supports over 39 video and movie hosting services providing you with a wide selection of content to choose from. Besides streaming video content, this app allows you to download and watch your favorite clips offline. The app also supports social media integration allowing you to share links to your favorite movies with friends. If your device runs on an old android version, hubi is the app of choice since it’s supported by android 2.2 an above.

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free movie apps for android1

Flipps is also a lightweight app for streaming and watching movies on your android device. It’s also available for download from the main Flipps website and Google Play. Besides your mobile device, the app also enables you to watch movies on your HD TV screen. The best part is that you don’t need to install additional software or even invest in connecting hardware. Flipps is supported by android 3.0 and above.

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free movie apps for android3

If you’re an anime fan, Viewster is the free movie streaming app for android to get. It’s Europe’s most popular free movie app for android. Like the other two, it’s available at Google Play and the Viewster website. Unlike most free apps which focus on streaming mainstream movies, Viewster focuses more on original content. This app is your best shot at finding original movies which aren’t found elsewhere on the internet. Unlike the previous 2 apps, Viewster is supported by later android versions starting at 4.0.3.

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