Manage their computer from a distance or to be able to solve problems on the PC of family member or friend without being physically in front, it’s much easier than you think and you just need to have the right program.
What you are creating is a bridge on the Internet that will connect our PC to another to control it as if you were in front, in the Remote Desktop.
This type of connection has the most varied fields of application, for example, to work from home on the office PC, computer programs for use by the tablet, to guide the remote PC by phone, to solve problems on the computer of our parents without having to go to their house and so on.

For all this and more, these are the Best free remote support software to connect to a computer from a distance.

Best free remote support software 2016


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TeamViewer is one of the best programs for remote access available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It features a user interface very accurate and extremely easy to use making it ideal for users who are unfamiliar with the PC. To use it, just put in touch the computers of those who must provide remote assistance and who should receive support using combinations of ID and password shown in the main window of the software. In the free version also allows you to exchange files between PC and PC-controlled remote service providers. Download from here .

Ammyy Admin

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Ammyy Admin is the perfect solution for those looking for programs for remote access and simple essential that they are easily permeability not only by those who have to provide remote assistance, but especially by those who should receive. It works without installation and in a very linear: the user that is to receive assistance must communicate the ID of their computer user who needs to provide assistance so that the two computers can be put in touch. It supports full screen and allows you to adjust the quality of the connection. Only for Windows. Download here .


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UltraVNC is a program for remote access most popular free available for Windows. Not as intuitive as TeamViewer and Ammyy Admin but has many advanced features that make it ideal for remote professionals. Supports transferring files from one computer to another, the function of remote access to Windows, text chat, and more. It is compatible with all versions of Windows, and it is also available in a version of Java running a browser that works on Mac OS X and Linux. Download from here .



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RealVNC is a program for the ‘ remote access very comprehensive available in several versions: one free and two premium. That is available free only for personal purposes and allows for remote support basic Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. That fee is used also used for commercial purposes and includes many additional features, such as encryption of the connection, file transfer, text chat, printing and much more. It is fairly simple to use, although not suitable for novice users as other more basic solutions like TeamViewer and Ammyy Admin. It is also available for mobile devices. Download from here .


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 it is is a solution for remote access via browser . With it you can control the computer remotely from any operating system using a simple Web browser. In its free version supports encrypted connection and function wake on LAN, which reactivates remote computers that are in a state of suspension. It is used not only by computer but also from portable devices, such as iPad, which allows you to control the computer remotely on the go. Just have an active Internet connection. Download from here .


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CrossLoop is a program for remote control very easy to use Available in two versions, one free and paid one . That free allows you to connect to a single PC at a time and has several limitations in file transfer and access from portable devices. The paid version offers unlimited file transfer, remote access from Android smartphones and the ability to provide remote assistance to multiple computers simultaneously. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. Download from here .



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