In today’s world a kids future can be determined specifically by his ability to read or learn something new through technology, kids often grab their parents Iphones or android Smartphone’s to play games, this can be a good platform for development if parents can download best free educational apps for kids that can support and reinforce the essential learning skills.

top 4 best free educational apps for kids

Here are some of the best free educational apps for kids:


50 language free android app

best free educational apps for kids0

The app is designed by 50 languages and can help a kid learn different language, it practically contains 100 lessons which allow kids to learn basic vocabulary, it allows children to fluently speak short sentences in a short period of time and combines both text and audio integration for effective language learning.

you can download here

ABC Ninjas free iPad app

best free educational apps for kids1

This free app is designed by Innovative Mobiles Apps and should be one of the best apps for any kid, it allows a child to slice uppercase letters and lowercase letters by phonetic sounds or name.

you can download here

Kids Numbers and Math free android app

best free educational apps for kids3

This is one of the best free learning app for kids as it gives them the ability to play with numbers, it helps them to understand the numerical functions such as subtraction, additions and choosing minimum and maximum numbers, the app is designed by Intellijoy and makes learning fun for any kid.

you can download here

Pizza Fractions free iPad app

best free educational apps for kids4

This is the best voted award winning free ipad educational app for kids around the globe, Pizza Fractions is an app that offers simple, basic introduction to fractions logarithm for elementary school kids. It allows a kid to master simple fractions using pizza picture samples, it has been designed by Brian West and it’s convenient for 2-6 grade levels 

you can download here

The goal of education is the the dissemination of truth and advancement of knowledge, the above free application will enable any kid to master the art of learning effectively and advance to other levels quickly.


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