If you care to assist your colleagues in the laboratory management will often receive requests for assistance for solving various technological problems.
Usually descriptions of the problem and take place by phone, always through the phone, try to provide guidance imagining may face the monitor of your partner. Almost always you end up losing a lot of time … without solving the problem.
Instead everything becomes easier using one of the many free screen sharing software, easily available on the net. There I present five of the most simple to use.

free screen sharing software

Quick Screen Share:

free screen sharing software0

is a free screen sharing from the creators of Screencast-o-matic. To use it, enter the website, select the screen you want to share and enter your name.  Quick Screen Share will then provide a URL to share with the person with whom you have to share the screen. When the other user will insert the link you will have access to your monitor. You will not have to install anything (all you need is Java) and is not required to register for the service.

Chrome Remote Desktop App:

free screen sharing software2

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, Chrome Remote Desktop is an excellent tool for screen sharing. To use  Chrome Remote Desktop App , both you and the Grim user must have installed Chrome Remote Desktop app. If you want to share your desktop just click “share now” and Chrome Remote Desktop generates an access code to be passed to the person who will computer access. To access and control the computer of another user simply enter the access code provided to you.

Screen Leap:

free screen sharing software1

is another free screen sharing. To share the screen with Leap screen you must click “hare your screen”, allow Java applets, and send the code to the person sharing that will display your monitor. The person who receives the invitation code will be able to see the screen when he activated Screen Leap.

free screen sharing software4

is a service offered by Log Me In . allows Mac and Windows users to quickly share your screen with others and work together. To use need to download the client Once you download the client, you can start sharing your screen with who you want. Just provide your access code to nine digits for your employees to give them access to the screen and to chat with you.

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